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School Supplies Newsletter. Volume 3 Issue 2
Back to school tips for students and parents. Read more.

School Supplies Newsletter. Volume 3 Issue 1
We recently had the opportunity to speak with Scott Forsythe of the Dyslexic Kids Organization. Scott, now 16, started Dyslexic Kids at age 14 after realizing that support groups targeted parents of kids with disabilities, but not the kids themselves. Read more.

School Supplies Newsletter. Volume 2 Issue 2
Update and introduction to new therapy groups for teens. Teens can benefit greatly from feeling a connection to a group they can return to each week. Read more.

School Supplies Newsletter. Volume 2 Issue 1
In this issue we conclude our conversation with Ariel Simon, a PhD candidate in Ancient Jewish Studies at New York University. Ariel speaks about his own experience living with learning disabilities, from grade school to his current graduate work. Read more.

School Supplies Newsletter. Issue 1
I am thrilled to present the first installment of School Supplies. Just in time for the beginning of the school year, School Supplies, together with, will address a wide range of school-related topics for children, teens and parents. Read more.

Coping with Bullying in School: 11 Things Parents and Children Should Know
Bullying is a serious and persistent issue in our schools today. Research shows that at least 30% of children are involved in school bullying as bully, victim, or bystander. While some schools are becoming more sensitive to the problem and are developing programs to target bullying, it is important for parents to understand some of the dynamics of bullying and to learn ways to help their children cope. Read more.

How to Explain a Dying Pet to Your Kid:
Skip The 'Fluffy Went to Live on a Farm' Bit
Whatever you do, honesty is the best policy when dealing with a pet death.
Read the full article at

Helping Your Child Through Divorce and Separation -
An Interview with Ari Fox, LCSW-R

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